Traffic Advisory Committee

The Committee has no executive powers, but may consider any traffic-related matter of concern to the parish of Eynsham; and may offer advice on such matters to Eynsham Parish Council, the County and District Councils, or other relevant organisations. The list includes:

  • Existing or proposed road systems or traffic management schemes
  • one way systems
  • traffic calming
  • waiting restrictions
  • traffic signalling, signing and road markings
  • pedestrian crossings and school crossings
  • footpaths (excluding maintenance)
  • street lighting
  • on-street and off-street car parking
  • road safety engineering.

Committee Members

  • Trevor Bayliss, Stagecoach Oxfordshire
  • John Croxton, Thames Valley Police
  • Mike Wasley, Oxfordshire County Council
  • Charles Mathew, Oxfordshire County Council
  • Ed James, West Oxfordshire District Council
  • Dan Levy, West Oxfordshire District Council



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