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About Us

Refugees Welcome in Eynsham was formed in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis when we discovered the depth of concern in Eynsham and shared our desire to help those fleeing conflict.

We are a loose network of people who would like to give welcome and support to refugees or asylum seekers who come to live in our area. We have grown by word of mouth to a group of about 80 people and we are linked with the three churches.

We have been supporting Syrian families who have already arrived in Witney as part of the Government's resettlement scheme, as well as the Oxford based charity Asylum Welcome. There are now six Syrian refugee families in Witney and we have been welcoming them to the area by inviting them to participate in Eynsham events, gifting bicycles and befriending and teaching English to aid their integration.


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Eynsham residents working out how could help  - Photographer Angie Titchena magical outdoor fund-raising performance - Photographer refugees welcome in EynshamPhotography by Ania Ready -  June 21-24 2018 - Photographer Ania Ready

How you can help

  • We are looking for Arabic speakers who can help with translating for the families in Witney, in particular to provide a liaison with the schools and services available.
  • Donate. Fundraising will focus on direct support for the local refugee families in developing their activities and interests, and social links through membership of groups, clubs etc. We hope to fund places on holiday clubs for the children and trips for the families. Funds are also needed for bus passes for the adults so that they can travel in and out of Oxford to the shops and facilities that they need there.
  • A-Cycle-Welcome donated bikes are now going to the new Windrush Bike Project who are running courses and reaching out to adults and children.
  • We are also seeking affordable rented accommodation in Eynsham or anyone who would accept a refugee as a guest.
  • There are many more ways in which you can get involved: helping out at our events, making cakes, boosting publicity - let us know your strengths and get in touch!
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