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What is Pickleball and Why Is It so Popular?

Pickleball is the lovechild of tennis, table tennis and badminton. It’s played with two or four players on a badminton-sized court with a tennis style net.

Instead of using a racquet and a tennis ball, paddles made of wood or composite materials are used along with a whiffle ball.

Unique Rules: What makes pickleball stand out from the sports it is similar to are the unique rules it follows. There are three main rules all designed to make Pickleball play friendly and to encourage longer rallies and less intimidation.

All Ages Can Play

Pickleball popularity can be accredited to the accessibility of the sport.

The smaller court reduces the amount of movement required which is why so many older people like to play it. On the other end of the spectrum, many teens and young adults find it so fun due to the intensity on a small court, allowing you to test your hand-eye coordination similar to ping pong.

Fair warning, those 50+ year olds you’re thinking of going easy on; they’re probably thinking the same thing. In fact age may well be an advantage over youth - the game has many tactical elements to it that make it easier for an older player to win against a younger and harder hitting opponent.

Easy to Pick Up

Tennis is a difficult game to learn and it’s not always easy to find the time required to improve. Even when you have a few years experience you’re likely to have an endless list of frustrations relating to your performance, be it your topspin forehand, your kick serve or your backhand volleys.

Pickleball is a lot easier to learn to play and still challenging enough to master. You can be playing a full game within minutes of being taught.

It’s even possible to enter some tournaments for free if you want to add to really push yourself. It is one of the few sports with a world wide amateur tournament scene that is easily accessible to everyone.

There you have it. Pickleball is the best combination of all the racquet sports you’re too old or impatient to learn, not to mention a fantastic sport in its own right. What are you waiting for? Playing pickleball will also likely improve the rest of your tennis, badminton or table tennis game, but be warned, it may well be more addictive than the other racquet sports you play!

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