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About Us

The Old Forge Pottery is a working space where 10 Potters make and fire their own work. We are not a shop, but most of us have pieces for sale which are on display in the window.

Some of us throw on a wheel and we make unique bowls, jugs etc with our own glazes. Others make more sculptural pieces – decorative, unique but not usually functional!

Eynsham folk may remember the Old Forge as a real working forge with a blacksmith shooing horses, mending  machinery or creating decorative wrought iron. The  premises still belong to the family of blacksmiths who worked here through several generations. The Forge, tools and equipment are still in place.

We opened in 2006 as a workshop for amateur potters. We’ve grown since then – in number and in expertise!

If you pass the window and see someone there do knock and we’ll invite you in. Otherwise you can ring the number in the window to make an appointment. We are having an open weekend 30th November / 1st December with lots of lovely things to buy for Christmas.


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Find Us

Old Forge

33a Newland Street
Newland Street
Oxfordshire  OX29 4LB

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