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Introducing Carys

Meet Carys the raven.

As Cora heads into (semi) retirement, her successor is more than ready to take on the role of Leader's Assistant.

She has a flamboyant peronality to match her vibrant black, green and purple plumage and earlier today she kindly took a break from her activities to answer a few questions.

Interviewer: So, Carys, how are you enjoying your first time in the spotlight?

Carys: It's fabulous, Marie.  The children are so attentive and I get to sing some of my favourite songs.

Interviewer: What is your favourite song, Carys?

Carys: Well, that would have to be "Sing s Song of Sixpence". Not only does it feature actual black birds, but I get to have some fun with the children's noses, too. But I notice there aren't actually any songs that feature ravens...

Interviewer: Thank you very much, Carys, new ideas are always welcome.


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