The Abbey Fishponds are the only remnants of this great foundation to survive in their original setting. They were created in 1217, by diverting the road and stream (and incidentally much enlarging the Abbey precinct). Access from Station Road: see location map.

Eynsham Abbey Fishponds: map © Paul Hughes showing 10 years of consolidation / progress / improvementsWhen the Parish Council took over responsibility in 2004, the area was un-managed and fairly inaccessible. Surveys were commissioned with a grant from Awards for All, to establish what was there and what improvements could be made (the reports are available below). A three stage management plan, based on their recommendations, has been followed with some alterations due to circumstances over the period - much of the work being done by volunteers from school and youth groups and local residents, to whom we are extremely grateful. I have to mention the Wychwood Project, who have always been there in the background guiding us on what we might do and how to go about it.

Ten years on, with grants from Cottsway Housing, Oxfordshire County Council, Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment and West Oxfordshire District Council, we have re-commissioned the surveys (see below). They will form the basis of a management plan for the next ten years.