What is the Parish Council approach?

With final decisions not yet made, the Parish Council (EPC) has to cover all eventualities. The current 'West Eynsham SDA Issues paper is a case in point. With over 40 pages and lots of detail, it is very important that we get it right.

EPC's approach will be based on the Neighbourhood Plan (ENP):

  • 1000 homes is too many for the site which includes a lot of land that can't be developed (flood plain) and shouldn't be developed (school playing fields).
  • Land south of the Chil Brook should not be intensively developed – it is valuable open space and it will be expensive to develop.
  • The access road should not be another bypass .
  • Traffic should not be routed through the village.

Is the Parish Council giving in by accepting development to the west?

No, the ENP already accepts about 750 new homes – it is all a matter of scale and design.

The situation is complicated by proposing a Garden Village close by. Locating all 2750 houses WODC felt obliged to take from Oxford City onto Eynsham also complicates matters.