Current consultations

West Eynsham Strategic Development Area

West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) has now approved a Masterplan for the area for up to 1000 homes approximately.  Eynsham Parish Council's comments on this can be found here.  Planning applications within the Strategic Development Area can be found below:-

22/03484/OUT - Land West of Derrymerrye Farm Old Witney Road - Outline planning application (with all matters reserved) for residential development of up to 180 dwellings together with open space, landscaping, parking and all associated infrastructure and engineering works. Deadline for response - 30 January 2023.  The Councils response is available here.

20/03379/OUT - Land West Of Derrymerrye Farm, Old Witney Road - Outline planning application (with all matters reserved except for access) for residential development (180 homes) together with open space, landscaping, parking and all associated infrastructure and engineering works. WODC status - Under consideration.  The Masterplan will be a material consideration for this application. The application is now subject to an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate for non-determination.

18/01009/RES - Construction of 160 dwellings and associated works. (15/03148/OUT) To include discharging of conditions 2,5,6,7,8,9,11 and 12 of planning permission 15/03148/OUT - Land West Of Thornbury Road - WODC Status - Approved. Construction is complete.

15/00761/FUL - Erection of 77 dwellings (comprising a mix of 1 bedroom flats and 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom houses), open space, car parking and all associated landscaping and ancillary works. Formation of new vehicular access - Eynsham Nursery And Plant Centre, Old Witney Road.  WODC status - Dismissed.  Appeal allowed. Construction is under way.

Photovolt Development Partners (PVDP) - Botley West Solar Farm - West Oxfordshire

PVDP is developing proposals for a solar farm of approximately 1400 hectares, excluding connecting cable routes, within the administrative
areas of West Oxfordshire, Cherwell and Vale of White Horse.  The proposals are being developed through agreement with supportive landowners including Blenheim Estate and Merton College.

As the capacity of Botley West Solar Farm will exceed 50 megawatts (MW), the project is classed as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP).  PVDP must apply for consent through the Development Consent Order (DCO) process. Applications are made to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS), who then recommends to the Secretary of State for Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, who will make the final decision on whether to grant consent to Botley West Solar Farm.

PVDP's website is available here

Eynsham Parish Council's response is available here.

Oxfordshire County Council - A40 HIF2 Smart Corridor (‘HIF2 project’) A40 corridor between Witney and Wolvercote, Oxfordshire - R3.0151/21

Planning application seeking full planning permission for: • The dualling of approximately 3.2km of the A40 carriageway from the existing Hill Farm junction at Witney to the Eynsham Park and Ride site (R3.0057/19) including the construction of two new roundabouts. • An eastbound and westbound bus lane approximately 6.5km in length from the Eynsham Park and Ride site to existing structures at Duke’s Cut waterway (Duke’s Cut Canal Bridge, Earl’s Culvert, Wolvercote Railway Bridge and Wolvercote Canal Bridge); • Capacity and connectivity improvements over the existing structures at Duke’s Cut waterway to enable the proposed eastbound bus lane to extend over the existing structures up to the A34 flyover in the east, forming a connection into Oxford North (Northern Gateway) strategic development site; • Construction of a new signalised junction to the Eynsham Park and Ride site; • New pedestrian/cyclist underpass at Cuckoo Lane (‘the Eynsham Underpass’). Two new pedestrian/cycle bridges at Cassington Halt (Cassington Halt Footbridge North and Cassington Halt Footbridge South); • Widening of Cassington New Bridge; • Demolition and replacement/extension of existing White House Culvert; • Demolition and replacement/extension of Barnard Gate New Culvert; • New and improved shared use footways and cycleways, including new shared use links to National Cycle Network (NCN) Route 5 at Duke’s Cut waterway; • Alterations to existing junctions and property accesses along the A40; • Controlled crossings, external lighting, noise barriers, sustainable drainage systems, landscaping, habitat creation including ecology ponds and associated hibernacula; and • All associated engineering and temporary construction works, site compound and storage areas.

The planning application has been updated with new documents - these are available here.  Deadline for response - 1 October 2022.

Eynsham Parish Council's response is available here.

Oxfordshire County Council - Park & Ride (revised layout) - R3.0077/22

Land West of Cuckoo Lane and Adjacent to the A40, Eynsham, OX29 4PU

Planning application seeking full permission for:- Details pursuant to Condition 3 (Revised P&R Site Layout Plan) of planning permission 19/01725/CC3REG & 19/01095/ADJ (R3.0057/19)

The planning application can be found here.  Application was approved.

Oxfordshire County Council - Park & Ride - R3.0072/22

Land West of Cuckoo lane and adjacent to the A40, Eynsham, West Oxfordshire, OX29 4PU

Planning application seeking full permission for:- Provision of one temporary construction access, one permanent entry-only vehicular access, and one permanent non-motorised bell mouth access from Cuckoo Lane onto land to the west with associated landscaping and hardstanding.

The planning application can be found here.  Deadline for response - 20 July 2022.

Oxfordshire County Council - A40 Shores Green junction - R3.0039/22

Planning application Oxfordshire County Council, c/o Agent, Caversham Bridge House, Waterman Place, Reading, RG1 8DN for planning permission: The construction of two new west-facing slip roads at the Shores Green junction of the A40; an off-slip to allow eastbound vehicles to exit the A40 on to the B4022 towards Witney and an on-slip to allow westbound vehicles to enter the A40 from the B4022 at this junction. Two existing lay-bys to the west of the A40 overbridge will be removed to accommodate the construction of the slip roads at  A40/B4022 Shores Green Junction, Witney OX29 6UU.

The planning application can be found by clicking here.  Deadline for response - 17 May 2022.

Salt Cross Garden Village

West Oxfordshire District Council's (WODC) Area Action Plan has now been approved by the Planning Inspectorate subject to main modifications (the list of modifications can be found here).  These changes will be subject to further consultation.  Details can be found here on WODC's website. The Parish Council's response to the proposed Main Modifications is available here (3 November 2022).

Planning applications for the Garden Village can be found below:-

20/01734/OUT - Outline application with means of access for a mixed-use Garden Village, comprising residential, retail, food and drink, health and community facilities, hotel, class B1, B2 and B8 employment uses, education provision, burial ground, public open space with sports pitches together with ancillary facilities, landscaping and associated infrastructure and works. - Land North Of A40 A40 Section From Barnard Gate To Eynsham Roundabout Eynsham.  WODC status - Under consideration.