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First Nature Recovery Day - 16th February

First Nature Recovery Day - 16th February, Meeting 10.30am Market Garden

Since now is the season of tree planting we thought we’d launch our collective efforts with trees, as well as starting our first surveys and first steps towards propagating our own material for the future. We wildflower enthusiasts will have to bide our time for the planting season, but we can schedule a few talks in the meantime, and get on with identifying suitable areas in our gardens and elsewhere, and testing the soil for suitability. For those of us who are interested in making ponds, we are hoping to set up a workshop around Peace Oak’s pond, which is moving towards construction. This will enable us to build ponds that genuinely enhance biodiversity rather than being boggy sterile messes at the bottom of our gardens. Many people signed up for creating community orchards – mini orchards in streets and closes seem a wonderful idea and, of course, there is Peace Oak Community Orchard, which is always keen for new members.

A Smart Interactive Website will allow us to keep recording, sharing ideas and support

It is clear that, in a project of this scope and complexity, a smart, interactive website is a critical component. Through the website we can keep communicating in between our events. Of course, it won’t preclude walking down the road to seek someone’s advice (or to see their primroses coming up) if the web is not your thing.

The website will enable us to plot our individual efforts to the map in photos and text and to support each other, through forums. It will be particularly important in enabling us to create a shared database of our local environment and wildlife, including its air and water and soil quality. Some people already have survey records and were wondering what to do with them. They will be a fabulous start, giving the database a historic perspective.

Over time, the smart website will enable us to build a unique picture of the locality, creating the scientific evidence for its future protection, as well as being an educational tool for our schools, and an incentive for us to make greater efforts towards restoring our environment. (Of course, by finding means for nature to recover, we contribute to mitigating climate change).

A fully-functioning website system that is tailored to the Eynsham project will take a while to build, but Long Mead will facilitate the introduction of a skeleton site so that we can see how it works for us, and then decide about funding for further development and for the all-important database.

Hopefully, by the first Nature Recovery Day (February 16th, meeting 10.30 am in Market Garden Café) we will be able to sign up and pay for workshops, and most importantly, to start the forums that address everyone’s particular interests. We’d love to hear more from you - and tell your friends!

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