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What It Is

Eynsham Repair Café is a community pop-up event, where people who like to fix things meet people with things to repair.

We want to help people to use things for longer, thus saving money and reducing waste. With tea and cake! :-)

Why come?

Have you got something which need some TLC, or is broken and you haven’t had the time or skills to fix it yourself?  A button that needs replacing; a toaster that doesn’t work; a favourite vase that needs gluing for example?

Well, don’t throw it away, bring it to a Repair Café and our volunteers will have go at fixing it!  We aim to hold events in Eynsham every 2-3 months.

Our first two events have had a great buzz. On average people brought in 34 items and we were able to fix about 5%, and give advice on 20%. Only a minority couldn't be repaired!

Who are the volunteers?

Repair Café volunteers are local people who like fixing and getting the most out of things.  We are all willing to get stuck in. We enjoy fixing and repair, not only to keep our repair skills and knowledge alive but also to help others, and keep things out of landfill!

What’s the catch?

None! We are volunteers wanting to help each other. This means that we cannot guarantee to fix something but we will certainly try and help you out.

We don’t charge for repairs but do ask if you can make a small donation to help us cover the costs of putting on the event.


Bring your item to fix to one of our events! Look out for event posters around Eynsham, in the GreenTEA Brew, on Eynsham Online, on the Facebook groups: “Green TEA (Transition Eynsham Area)”; “Spotted: Eynsham”; and  “Free in Eynsham”.

If you like the idea of the Repair Café and want to get involved, either to help run the event or to fix things, please get in touch!


Helen Gavin on 01865 285544 or RepairCafeEynsham@gmail.com


The sewing volunteers of the Repair Cafe, plus other kind people, are making face masks for the community. If you would like to request a mask, please click on this link to enter your request in our online form.

We are not selling the masks, but asking for a donation to cover the cost of materials. We give our time and skills freely to help others in this time of need.

We are doing this in our spare time, so there may be a delay between your making a request and receiving your mask. If you need a mask urgently, you may be interested to know that the Market Garden shop are selling the masks made by Marta Biro which you can buy directly.

This website has some good advice on masks.

Stay Safe!

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