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Over to Children

Over to You magazine - 01/09/2020

Don't miss our earlier issues! The OTY children's pages for 15 May and 1 May are still available.

My hobby

Immanuel Sanghera is 14 years old and about to start Year 10 at Bartholomew School in September. He has High Functioning Autism and, for years, he has loved creating figures out of polymer clay, baking and painting them in great detail.

Immanuel specialises in Marvel and DC comic book characters. He starts by creating thin ‘stickmen’ using wire and, to this base, he adds clay to form the muscular anatomical level. He continues to add to it and to bake, glue and paint the rest of the character in sections.

You can enjoy some of Immanuel's creations in the Gallery to the right (below on mobiles).

Children’s book review

Flying Tips for Flightless Birds by Kelly McCaughrain is an exciting book about twins Birdie and Finch who are in their family’s circus school. When the school runs out of money, they decide to put on a show to raise some. When Birdie has a freak accident, Finch has to face up to his feelings and find a new partner whilst Birdie recovers. – Maisie Hatton

Please keep your ideas coming - we couldn’t do this without you!


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