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Over to You magazine -2

Community projects - updates

Trees of Hope

Over the May weekend, did you see messages, in the form of leaves, tied onto Trees of Hope in Eynsham Square and nearby villages? These ‘leaves’ were a response to an invitation by our local Extinction Rebellion group for our communities to express hopes, dreams and aspirations for a better world after COVID-19.

Children painted pictures, one with the poignant message, “I miss my friends.” Other messages were about: Caring and Connections, “I hope we will maintain a stronger, fairer community” and “Let’s re-wild and re-connect with nature”; Sustainability, “I hope that we re-invest in the green economy, not back to business as usual” and; ‘Can do is possible', “I hope we remember we can make big changes in an emergency!” You can see a photo of the 'leaves' in the Square in the Gallery below. 

Feedback on the street suggests that this action nourished community spirit, encouraged people to think about how it is possible for governments, communities and individuals to change quickly and how they might contribute to a better future. Amazingly, a video of the leaves in the Square has more than 600 views to date on Twitter from around the country. Pretty good for a small local action. 

Angie Titchen, for XR Swallows, West Oxfordshire 

If you would like to learn more about our West Oxford Extinction Rebellion (XR) group and how to get involved in projects like this, please email XROxfordSwallows@gmail.com. The Swallows are part of XR Oxford, who host many local actions and events for climate and ecological justice: xroxford.org

Eynsham Rocks

We’re pleased to say that almost a dozen people decorated rocks and stones for Eynsham Rocks, and left them in the village Square. You can see two photos of the Eynsham Rocks project in the Gallery below; look for Two Eynsham Rocks and Eynsham Rocks with Jacob Barry. Thanks to every one for their efforts! - The Barry Family

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Trees of Hope in the village Square - Messages written on paper ‘leaves’ hang from a tree on the village Square.  - Photographer Angie TitchenEynsham Rocks with Jacob Berry - Jacob Berry at the Square with two painted rocks for the Eynsham Rocks project.  - Photographer Robert BarryTwo Eynsham Rocks - Two painted pebbles in the village Square for the Eynsham Rocks project.  - Photographer Robert BarryEynsham Scarecrow Festival - Morris Dancer - Winner of the Best Local Scarecrow in the Eynsham Scarecrow Competition, this is a scarecrow of an Eynsham Morris dancer. - Photographer Eynsham Pre-SchoolEynsham Scarecrow Festival - Lockdown Lucy - Winner of the Funniest Scarecrow in the Eynsham Scarecrow Competition - Photographer Eynsham Pre-SchoolEynsham Scarecrow Festival - Captain Tom - Winner of the Most Topical Scarecrow in the Eynsham Scarecrow Competition, this is a scarecrow of Captain Tom who raised millions of pounds for the NHS by walking laps before his 100th birthday. - Photographer Eynsham Pre-School

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Community quilt

I would like to thank all of you who have completed one or more squares for Eynsham’s very own Community Quilt Project (Eynsham’s Journey through Covid-19). I am impressed by your creativity in choosing the topics, which include: slogans and symbols of the crisis; emotional responses (e.g. fear, hope, love); activities (e.g. walking, baking); nature (e.g. birds, flowers, animals).

Currently, we have over 60 squares, but I know that some of you are still working on your masterpieces. Since we entered the second phase of the lockdown, I would like to invite and encourage you to join in, continue working on or do another one of these embroidered squares. I am hopeful that we would be able to create least 100 squares, which when put together should form an impressive tapestry.

When you hand in your artwork (18 Shakespeare Road) please do not forget to provide a short story/description about your creation, your name and your age (if you do not mind). I cannot wait to see your work! Marta Biro

The Village Scarecrow Festival

The Village Scarecrow Festival was a fantastic success, with over 40 scarecrows appearing around the village. We were amazed by the creativity, and it was a joy to walk around our beautiful village and spot surprises in front gardens, on roofs and even up scaffolding! It was so hard to choose just one winner, so our panel of judges picked three, which you can see in the Gallery above:

  • Best local scarecrow - Morris Dancer on Beech road
  • Funniest scarecrow - Lockdown Lucy on Spareacre Lane
  • Most topical scarecrow  - Captain Tom on Evans Road

Thank you so much to everyone who participated!  If you enjoyed it, too, please consider making a small donation to the pre-school, and we look forward to running the event again next year! - Eynsham Pre-School

And that's it for this issue of Over to You! Please keep sending your ideas to sarah.eynshamnews@gmail.com

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