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Over to You magazine - Children's page 15/05/2020

More great ideas for keeping little ones busy

Thanks again to Jackie Taylor of Eynsham Pre-School for these ideas to keep under-5s entertained.

  • Make a band! Fill empty plastic bottles with rice / pasta / lentils etc to make musical instruments. Add a saucepan with a wooden spoon.
  • Have a mini-beast hunt in the garden – who knows what lurks under the stones!
  • Make an indoor obstacle course – under the table, onto a cushion, on newspaper stepping stones ... 
  • Have a treasure hunt around the house or garden with a list of things for children to find.
  • Thread Cheerios onto a pipe cleaner, some ribbon or string to make a bracelet, necklace or bird feeder.
  • Play tennis with a balloon or a small scarf.

Book reviews

Maisie Hatton, aged 12, recommends The Thirteen Treasures by Michelle Harrison: "This fantasy/adventure novel is about a girl called Tanya who is sent to her grandmother's secluded country house, but there she finds a photograph which leads her to unearthing secrets of a missing girl from the past."

Small But Mighty

Small but Mighty Theatre, a young people's theatre company that works from Eynsham, has taken on a new project! We’ve been working with youth theatre companies all over the world to produce a Coronavirus Time Capsule, producing a weekly film documenting lives in lockdown.
You can see them by looking at the website smallbutmightytheatre.co.uk or on Facebook @smallbutmightytheatre. -Fran Godsal

Children's artworks

Thank you to Sophie Simpkins, aged 12, for her delightful line drawing of a very happy-looking snake! See the Friendly snake in the Gallery below. 

Note: Content continues below the Gallery! There is also an earlier issue.


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Note: Continuation of content from above the Gallery! There is also an earlier issue.

For children young and old

Salt dough is easy to make - and great for making ornaments! Because the salt is a preservative, decorations made from salt dough can last for many years. All you need are:

  • 2 cups of self-raising flour;
  • half a cup of table salt;
  • three-quarters of a cup of warm water;
  • biscuit cutters or similar;
  • acrylic paints; and
  • clear varnish.

Mix the flour and salt together, and very slowly add the water. Mix with a spoon and then knead until it all comes together nicely; it should neither be too wet nor too dry (add more flour or water, if needed). Roll between sheets of parchment per to a depth of 0.5cm, then cut out your decorations. Remember to make a hole for string or ribbon, if you want to hang up your ornament.

Bake the ornaments in a very cool oven for 1-2 hours, or until they are completely dried through. When they are cool, have fun decorating them using acrylic paints. To finish them off, and to make them last longer, ask an adult to put a coat of clear varnish all over them. 

Paint a portrait

Bring out your inner artist! Print a copy of the Portrait frame download above or click on the link. Then draw a portrait of yourself, and finish it off by painting or colouring the frame. Even better, print several frames and draw portraits of your family and/or friends. You could even send them in the post to a grandparent or other family member.

And that's it for this issue of the Over to You magazine children's page! Please keep your ideas coming - we couldn't do this without you!

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