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Over to You magazine 15/05/2020

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Three-ingredient recipes (3)

Thanks to Sandy Hellig for this recipe based on Vanessa Sampson's list of three ingredients: yoghurt, tinned prunes and porridge oats. 

  • Melt a knob of butter and add 100g of oats and 100g of soft brown sugar. Cook slowly until crunchy, then set aside and cool.
  • Place a few prunes in the bottom of a bowl or individual glasses.
  • Stir a bit of the prune juice gently into the yoghurt to give a ripple effect. Spoon on top of the prunes.
  • Finish with crunchy oaty topping.

Book reviews

Amanda Whatley recommends Lambs of God by Marele Day: "Very funny and clever story about nuns, island life, isolation, justice and a little bit of retribution. Very humorous in a slightly dark way. :-)"

Ruth Marrison recommends Read my Lips by Teri Brown: "It’s all about a deaf teenager working her way through school. It’s a book that opens up to how people with hearing loss cope day to day with life and communicating with people."

Adrienne Beavis recommends Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens: "It's beautifully written and set in the North Carolina marshes. It's, an ode to the natural world, a coming-of-age story and a murder mystery."

Sue Floyd Rayfield recommends The Island by Victoria Hislop: "It's very well written - emotional, intriguing and full of history."

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Eynsham Wharf Stream - Eynsham Wharf Stream showing meandering stream, lush blossom and wildflowers on the banks. A yellow patch at the top of the photo is a field of buttercups.  - Photographer Angie Titchena rainbow to thank the NHS - Photographer Grace Ironside, Holywell Press

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Thanks to Lucy Stoddart for her fascinating - and quite challenging! - crossword about British mammals. See the British Mammal crossword download above. How many of the mammals can you find in and around Eynsham?

Colouring corner

Thanks to Grace Ironside of Holywell Press for this week’s beautiful colouring corner picture with a message for our NHS. Look for the ‘Thank you NHS flower rainbow’ download above, open/save and print it.

Eynsham jigsaw

How about doing an online jigsaw of the Eynsham Wharf Stream? This has been created from a beautiful photo by Angie Titchen, taken this month (see Eynsham Wharf Stream in the Gallery above). To enjoy the jigsaw, go to: jigex.com/1DcD. You can change the number of pieces to suit you, you can see the original image and you can also change the background colour. We hope you enjoy it!


Thanks to Chris Baker and Helen Gavin for letting us know about this interesting way to learn and help at the same time.

Zooniverse offers projects which amateurs can contribute to from home. Projects span science, the arts, humanities, history and more. You choose a project, read the short tutorial - and off you go! Within a few minutes, you can be transcribing old rainfall records to help understand climate change; transcribing letters between 19th-century anti-slavery activists; or exploring Mars via photographs - or something else entirely! You can just do as much as you have time for. Go to: zooniverse.org/projects

We couldn't do this without you, so do please keep sending your ideas to sarah.eynshamnews@gmail.com!

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