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Over to You magazine 01/05/2020

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Community projects

Community quilt
Over a month ago, I asked fellow Eynshamites to join me in creating a quilt in memory of this special time in history. So far, I have received over 30 beautiful quilt squares! You can see some of them in the Gallery below. When all the squares are in, I will work them up into a big quilt to be displayed with a booklet containing the details and stories behind each square.
I am still encouraging everyone to make a piece – 15cm x 15cm, plus 1cm all around. Please put finished squares through my letterbox (18 Shakespeare Road) - and don't forget to add your name and a few words about what inspired you to make it! If you have any questions, contact me on 07846 068076. - Marta Biro

Eynsham Lockdown
The Eynsham Lockdown blog/diary is up and running. It has been exciting to see blog posts starting to come in, with the youngest being from a child of three and her mum! Do keep your entries coming, and let's build up a picture of our village during these strange old times. If you have any questions, you can contact me on 07810 387695. - Lucy Badger

Eynsham Rocks
A new initiative by Robert Barry asks Eynsham folk to find a stone/rock on their daily walk, decorate it and place it in Market Square. To find out more, see the Eynsham Rocks download below.

Three-ingredient recipes (2)

Thanks to Sandy Hellig for this recipe based on Sue Hunt's list of three ingredients she has at home: chick peas, carrots and red cabbage.

  • Grate carrots and shred cabbage.
  • Heat a little oil in a pan, and add some ground cumin or cumin seeds. Fry the chick peas, adding a little salt.
  • Add to the carrots & cabbage, and stir in some yoghurt, mayo or creme fraiche. You can also add orange juice and/or fresh coriander.

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Selection of community quilt squares - 25 fabric squares received towards the Eynsham community quilt project - Photographer Marta Birofloral wreath - Photographer Jessie Whealy

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Poetry corner

Thanks to Sandra Syphas for this cheery poem called 'Your surgery' ...

Your surgery, we're happy to say
Is open for you every weekday

Forget your woes, forget the news
Come down here and stand in queues

Some of us have masks and PPE
But we don't frighten easily

So bring your worries, come on in
We'll just go home and hit the gin!

And come what may, we'd like to SHOUT
We're doing our best to HELP YOU OUT!

... and to Rick Taylor for his topical selection of haikus.

It's been a strange month -       Lockdown! Stay at home!                   A stay-at-home day;
It started quite normally           Keep your distance! Let's all pray        they're all much like that just now - 
then came the virus.                'twill soon be over.                             minimize contact.

Colouring corner

This lovely colouring picture - with thanks to Jessie Whealy - is perfect for colouring in on a spring day. You can also write some words in the centre of the wreath - something meaningful for you or a loved one. Look for the Spring Wreath download above, open/save and print it. Or click on the link.

And that's it for this issue of Over to You! Please keep sending your ideas to sarah.eynshamnews@gmail.com

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