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One More Issue Left?

Without your help, Eynsham News will fold after one more issue.

How can you help?

The team urgently needs people to take over as:

  • Editor
  • Designer
  • Fundraiser.

Here is YOUR opportunity to get involved and help to shape its future.

Events Diary


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One more issue left? - Photographer Eynsham News GroupWould you like any suburbs, or just the bill?

Content contributions

Drop a line to the editor anytime with your thoughts or suggestions - not necessarily long or deep - and encourage friends and neighbours to get involved. Make Eynsham News your own!

Our publication dates are set out in the ‘Events’ section, so please note them for any event publicity. Do get in touch well beforehand if your story needs more space!

Pointers for longer contributions:

  • Printed copies give the best 'feel' for our publication - you can generally pick one up in Eynsham Library, Eynsham Post Office or the Village Hall.
  • Written contributions should be sent in as .doc or .docx or .txt - or simply pasted within your email. PDF files allow no flexibility in layout, so are appropriate for (paid) adverts only.
  • Photos should be sent as separate files such as .jpg - not embedded in a document - and as large as available, please.
  • We may need to edit contributions, to fit the space available. The free directory listings at Eynsham Online have no such limitations!

Regular Reports?

Pride yourself on having an ear to the ground? Why not get some recognition for your expert knowledge?

Eynsham News can always use a feature-writer (or three), to keep us all informed about lesser-known and more intriguing goings-on around the village. Arts, music, theatre, food, sport, wildlife - we’re open to suggestions...

Eynsham News is an equal opportunity project, with hours as flexible as you like. We get paid in fun and we’d love you to join us - please give it a go.

And if regular, long-term commitment is not for you, that’s not a problem: snaps and snippets, comments and corrections are very welcome too.

Eynsham Newsconsultation on developer contributionsMaps & WalksLocal Covid Response