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3 Nov  15 played today with all three courts in use. Although  the cracks in courts 1 & 2 are closing up slowly with court 2 being in better condition, it will take some time to fullyrecover. The winter court has been badly affected by the cracking and it is more luck than skill  when playing. 

We have moved the winter court sideways to avoid some of the worst damage. 


1 November Following the visit by Duncan Hector  a turf and croquet court specialist, the club implemented the 1st of his recommendations. The ollowing is from his report: 

This appears as dry areas where the grass is starved of moisture and then dies.
Unfortunately, many people think that aeration, deep spiking or even pneumatic fracturing
will cure the problem – they won't. Dry Patch is a misleading term, Dry Block would be
more descriptive because it isn't just the surface that is affected. Micro-organisms create
a waxy substance that makes blocks of soil unwettable down to a depth of two feet or
more. The surface is waterproof and even heavy rain won't penetrate. Furthermore, the
bottom of the block can't draw moisture from the water table either. Think of it as a block
of wax. If you make holes in it, fracture it or pump air into it the wax will still repel water.
Dry Patch can be cured by spraying Aquatrols Aqueduct twice over the affected area with
two weeks between applications.


Tony and Pat sprayed the 1st application on 1 Nov with the 2nd application going down in 2 weeks time. 


We will then have along wait to see how tge brown patched "green up" 

26 October COURT 1 & 2 are OPEN Pat cut both courts and the winter court on Tuesday this week. The cracks are generally closing up with court 2 in better condition than court 1

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