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The Eynsham Art Window is a bright new exhibition space for artists at 66 Mill Street. It is a permanent space for artists of Eynsham and the surrounding villages to showcase their work. The display will change every month so there will always be something new for people to see and enjoy.

You can't buy directly from the Eynsham Art Window as it is not a shop. Details of all the artists are displayed, so people can contact them directly if they see something they would like.

You can follow the Eynsham Art Window on Facebook and Instagram

Artists interested in space

Please contact Alison Holmans (Manager and Curator): [email protected] There is a small monthly fee for exhibiting that covers ongoing costs and goes some way towards the initial outlay and setting up.

Find Us

Eynsham Art Window

66 Mill Street
Oxfordshire  OX29 4HJ

Hours: Viewing only. Covid safe

How it came about...

During Lockdown 2020 all the opportunities to showcase my ceramics and sell were not possible. The village didn't even know where I was, tucked down Tanners Lane. Other Artists were equally as frustrated.

Then, I had an idea. 66 Mill Street had just been taken over by HD Supplements for their business. Their window had no purpose and it was like a black hole between the Vets and the Beauty Salon.

I discussed with fellow artists, Peter Shrimpton, @industrialArts and Jane Tomlinson, @the Art of Jane Tomlinson whether any Artists might be interested if I turned it into an Art Window. Full of enthusiasm they agreed. Peter even offered to do the signage and Jane offered support with social media and window design.

Nearly falling at the first hurdle with planning permission and legal fees, I still decided it was worth pursuing as an interesting and challenging project that just might save my sanity whilst in lockdown.

This was back in June and it took until mid-November, during the second lockdown, before planning permission was granted. Then it was full steam ahead, to get it fit for purpose, so that we had it up and running before Christmas.

Massive thanks to HD supplements (behind the window) for believing in the project and providing building expertise, lighting and security. Thanks to Peter who not only made the signage but has also provided substantial and attractive plinths for display. Thanks to Jane for her knowledge and advice on design, media support and management.

I have enjoyed changing the window each month meeting the artists and managing daily posts on Facebook and instagram.

I have also enjoyed hearing from the villagers at how they have delighted in seeing the 'black hole' change to a 'beacon of light' and as such a go to place to see what is new and discuss it with their family and friends. Despite having enquiries from artists from all over Oxfordshire, I am managing it strictly for the Eynsham Area. After all it was set up as the Eynsham Art window for the artists and the community. It's ours.

I can't wait to see more. What about you?

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