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How I Can Help You

Are you suffering with long term pain?

The human body is designed to function in a manner that allows for fluid, pain free, movement. Unfortunately, injuries, weaknesses, a lack of technique, poor posture and other reasons can lead to dysfunction within the body. These dysfunctions can lead to pain and if not addressed correctly they can lead to long-term (chronic) pain.

I assess the body as a whole unit to find out what may be the underlying cause of your pain. A treatment plan will then be drawn up that is specific to your body to correct the imbalances that you may have. Find out more in the services section.

Are you experiencing muscle tightness / soreness?

Sometimes we train too hard or for too long, sometimes we compete often or participate in long duration activities and sometimes our bodies just get tired and we're not really sure why.

I can significantly reduce your recovery time after activity and give your body the support it needs to give it every chance of performing to the best of its ability.

Whether you are a high level athlete or someone who simply wants to be able to move around in day to day life with greater ease, sports massage therapy can have amazing benefits.


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9 Elm Place

Old Witney Road
Oxfordshire  OX29 4BD

Hours: Open Monday - Saturday by appointment

Eynsham HeritageEynsham Image ArchiveLocal Covid ResponseEynsham News