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ARRRR - There be pirates about!! 29 Aug 2018 .

During the lunch break of the Random Doubles, with nothing else to do, Neil and Tony  introduced  us to a game of Pirates!

8 on court, using primary and secondary balls, 1 ball each, playing against each other.

Run a hoop -win1 point

Hit an opponents ball -- win 1 point , win (PIRATE) opponents points, win another hit.

Win 10 points then you can bank the points and start again.

First to 20 points is the winner.

All about attacking with long range hits and winning points then retreating and staying out of harms way when you have pirated points.

The lead changes hands all the time - great fun!

Pirate in Chief  was David Palmer who was first to pirate 20 points 


Apologies - many of the images have loaded  90 deg out and I have not been able to rotate them - just turn your screen round for the upright shotsuntil I can master this!


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