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Garden Village deadline is Friday 29 Jul 2018 5pm on Friday is the deadline for your comments on the Garden Village Area Action Plan issues paper

Please don't miss your chance to tell WODC what you think about their Garden Village Issues paper.

You can find all the things wrong with the Garden Village by following EPIC's news item, but the issues paper itself has some good ideas for making the development better if it does go ahead which need our support to ensure they actually happen. 

No development north of the A40 may be the ideal outcome but development without a strong AAP is by far and away the worst outcome possible.

The Parish Council response will focus on getting WODC to stand by the commitments they made to Central Government when they bid for Garden Village status. There are many good intentions set out in this paper which need to be made into actual policy. Then, if the Garden Village goes ahead, the result may be a new village as good as Eynsham with few drawbacks and even one or two benefits for us.

If you don't want to go through all the questions have a look at the summary (on the first page) of what the Parish Council will be sending and you could send in your support for ensuring that local people have a say as the plans take shape.


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