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Get into the Thermal Imaging Groove 12 Oct 2017 Book your home check using thermal imaging for heat loss at Saturday's Apple & Energy Festival.

This coming Saturday is the GreenTEA Apple & Energy Festival. A big focus at this time of year is preparing for Winter by ensuring your home has fewer places it might be losing heat. 

This is especially a great thing to do before any home upgrades, since in a year's time we can do a follow up survey and you can see the benefits. If you have had your home upgraded and previously had it imaged then why not ask for a follow-up!

The imaging is done on a cold night and takes less than an hour, most of which is outside since that is where we take the photographs.

Also we need volunteers to come round help do the imaging. Full training will be given and this is one great way for you to get involved in helping the environment. In an evening we try to image two or three properties and that takes about 2 hours.

If interested come along to the Apple and Energy Festival this Saturday afternoon or contact Andy Swarbrick.