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Purple 4 Polio 10 Oct 2017 The Rotary Club has been painting the village purple - but you'll have to wait until February to see the results.

Rotary International is supporting the campaign started in 1988 by the World Health Organisation and UNICEF to rid the world of the scourge of Polio.  In that time the number of cases has decreased by over 99%, from an estimated 350,000 cases in that year to 37 reported cases in 2016. As a result of the global effort to eradicate the disease, more than 16 million people have been saved from paralysis.

Once vaccinated the children are identified by dipping their little finger in purple dye - so purple has been adopted as the colour for the campaign - hence Rotary Club of Eynsham has been planting purple crocus - 5000 at Bartholomew School and 5000 on the verge at the toll-bridge roundabout.  We hope that come February there will be a purple haze!


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