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Still on a Journey 16 Sep 2013 The latest issue of “Eynsham News” has had an eventful ride.

The latest issue of “Eynsham News” has had an eventful ride.

With over 2,000 homes to cover, volunteer distribution manager, Pam Breeze, was desperate for a way to get the bundles round to her delivery team - she doesn’t drive. True, members of Eynsham Rotary make the initial run to that key three dozen addresses, for onward carriage - on foot - to every home in Eynsham. But plastic wallets or bags (recycled to save the planet) aren’t the sturdiest of containers and had a nasty habit of spilling all over the car.

The answer came out of the blue, in a visit to Ikea (by bus, of course). Their shiny shoppers carry 100 copies of “Eynsham News” in style and didn’t break the bank. But it took a while for Pam to persuade her team to hand them back …

Meantime, we’ve posted an online preview of our latest issue and hope you'll find it interesting. Our primary aim is still to deliver a printed copy to every resident in the parish but we're glad to have found a way to spread its “reach” at no additional cost.

Local contributions are always welcome. Issue #4 will be out on 25 November - copy deadline Friday 8 November. Please get in touch.


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