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Eynsham Record 29 21 Oct 2014 Volume 29 (2012) of the Eynsham Record goes online today - raising more questions than it answers ...

Volume 29 (2012) of the Eynsham Record, journal of Eynsham History Group, goes online today - raising more questions than it answers - find it here.

While the front cover may be familiar already, the back is graced with a photo by William Bainbridge, showing Gwynneth Holt (Gordon)'s sculpture of St Leonard, newly completed in 1982, and before its installation in St Leonard's church.

The contents include:

  • The mystery of the Monument solved?
  • A garden fete in 1926;
  • In memoriam - David Raikes;
  • Why Head and Brain are all in the mind (Russell Brain of Eynsham on Henry Head);
  • The Bedford brothers (an unlikely grave in St Leonard's churchyard);
  • Eynsham - a political view (a delight to learn that the fictional major whose body was so vital to Operation Mincemeat in World War II had a fictional home in Eynsham);
  • THEN & NOW - images of Carfolks / Harris's Corner;
  • Two recusant Catholic priests - felicitous timing as bones found in the 1980s dig on the Abbey site are to be re-interred in St Peter's churchyard on 23 July;
  • Scandal, female inconstancy or clandestine marriage? (Lilian Wright can always be relied on for delicious gossip);
  • Soldiers of Eynsham before and during WWI (further researches by Michael Cross, including a tantalisingly small photo of Fred Harris, later Eynsham butcher, in uniform).


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