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RIP Penny Noel 23 May 2016 The local community was saddened to hear of Penny’s sudden death last month.

The local community was saddened to hear of Penny’s sudden death last month. Endlessly inventive and unfailingly cheerful, she was a generous contributor to the local arts scene and to Eynsham News as well.

Penny and her two twin sisters exhibited at the Bartholomew Room on 19-20 October 2013. The exhibition, which included painting, calligraphy, photography and silversmithing, was their first joint show.

Penny graduated in Fine Art in 2012, at the age of 71, but has been involved with creative projects all her life, from an arts workshop in Belgium, where she designed and made a carnival giant for the village, to weaving and knitwear design. Undeterred by failing sight, she completed a six-year course at Banbury College of Art and Design with the help of magnifiers and other computer equipment. As her field of vision decreased she adapted her style, latterly focusing on intricate pen and ink drawings which she called “scribbles”.

Penny was involved in Eynsham Arts Group and supported their exhibitions three times a year.

  • ‘The Bugs Banquet’, her drawing in Eynsham Emporium, is constructed from 24 large (A3) elements individually hung on a wooden frame.
  • Her mural in the Market Garden across the road was completed from her drawing by local graphic artist Paul Hughes.
  • And her striking image of a pussmoth caterpillar has recently graced a brand-new colouring corner in the Eynsham News.


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