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The Big Chill 1 Feb 2019 An updated snow-clearing guide – and call for more volunteers

EPC has updated the training guide provided for volunteers who take up their offer of free salt to help safely clear pavements of snow and ice.

People often refuse to clear pavements because they have 'heard stories' of people being sued when they did – though none of these is real and these few simple guidelines will ensure clearing is safe and effective. You can find the guide below.

Volunteers already keep the slope from Merton Close to the roundabout safe and we need more,  elsewhere in the village, to keep a few treacherous areas where people have to go, clear of snow and ice.

If you can help out, please contact the Parish Clerk, tell her where you want to clear and she will arrange to supply you with some salt which is necessary to do a safe and effective job of clearing.


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