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Eynsham as an Age-friendly Community? 16 May 2023 Find out the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ in this webinar

Eynsham residents who are active in the community may be interested in attending a webinar on Thursday 18 May on Age-friendly Communities, provided by the charity the Centre for Ageing Better. 

From 10am until 11am, this webinar will explain what Age-friendly Communities are, as defined by the World Health Organisation, and share advice on how these communities can be created to provide a better environment in which to grow old.

The webinar is suitable for anyone who has heard of and is interested in the concept of Age-friendly Communities, or those who are residents or partners in existing Age-friendly Communities. The session will provide some tips on how to get started when creating an Age-friendly Community and how the Centre for Ageing Better and the UK Network may be able to support in the process.

Anyone interested in joining the webinar can sign up via the link on the website of the Centre for Ageing Better, where more information is available about the session and the concept of Age-friendly Communities.

On the website there are also additional details on the overall work of the charitable foundation, which has been established to ‘pioneer ways to make ageing better a reality for everyone’. Their focus includes challenging ageism, building an Age-friendly Movement, creating Age-friendly Employment and Age-friendly Homes.



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