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EV car club pilot in Eynsham 29 Mar 2023 A county-wide pilot brings a shared electric vehicle to our village for 12 months

Oxfordshire County Council is running a year-long pilot of an EV (electric vehicle) car club scheme around the county – and Eynsham has been selected as one of 14 locations.

The pilot, which starts in April, will involve electric vehicles being based in 14 different areas for shared use by local residents over the year.

If the pilot proves popular, there is scope for the EV car clubs to become more permanent in certain locations to help facilitate car sharing and improve transport options for rural and suburban areas. It would also reduce the volume of cars on the roads and hopefully shift some drivers to seriously consider investing in an electric vehicle themselves.

Eynsham is due to receive an automatic, fully-electric MG4 (with a range of over 200 miles) on 30 March and it will be based in Back Lane car park, where it can be charged on one of our newly-installed EV chargers.

To use the car, residents can book their slot via the CoWheels website, which has explanatory videos to help users understand the process. The car would then be collected from and returned to the car park. CoWheels will be running some introductory offers and discounts to make car sharing an affordable option so we would encourage residents to take advantage of these and try out the EV car-sharing for themselves.

Other locations of the 14 EV car clubs in this pilot include Witney, Abingdon and Kidlington, as well as a vehicle based at Redbridge Park and Ride on the outskirts of Oxford. More information on the scheme is available on the County Council website. The Parish Council has been advised that those locations recording little or no usage of the EV cars in the first six months may see the pilot ended early, so interested residents should make a point of using our EV car club in the coming months if they can.       

We are pleased that Eynsham has been chosen to be part of this car club pilot scheme and make use of the new EV. Let us know how you get on! We will share any further updates we have on the exact date and also any data around usage that we receive from the facilitators at the County Council.



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