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Old Witney Road closure 22 Mar 2023 An upcoming road closure that may impact residents

Eynsham Parish Council has been made aware of plans to close the end of Old Witney Road from April to May.

Affected residents have received letters from Oxfordshire County Council outlining the planned closure for two periods of time: 3-14 April and 24 April-19 May. This letter is available via the document link at the bottom of the page.

The County Council explains that the closure is due to the Eynsham Park & Ride development and the need to establish a connection to the sewer beneath Old Witney Road. The area of the road to be affected is from the Evenlode hotel to property number 63 (as indicated on the image downloadable below).

The initial period of closure (from 3 April) will allow the contractor to drill trial holes and perform surveys to clearly locate the various utilities beneath the road. The second period of closure will be for the construction of the new connections, based on plans developed following the initial surveys.

Access to properties will vary during the two periods of closure. During the survey activity, access to driveways will be “maintained but with delays” as contractors will have to place metal road plates across excavations to allow access (this could take 15-20 mins).

During the construction phase, the road will be completely closed for access (expect to emergency vehicles) during working hours (8am-5pm, Monday-Friday). Residents have been encouraged to let the contractors know if they are expecting abnormally-large deliveries at certain times so they can be accommodated where possible.

Pedestrian access will be available during both periods of closure, with signs indicating a safe way to proceed up the road.

We will keep you informed if we receive any updates on this planned activity.



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