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Update on Aurora Solar Farm 28 Feb 2023 The latest news on the delays that have held up planned solar farm

Eynsham Parish Council would like to share the latest update we have on the Aurora Solar Farm, which is being established on a section of land west from Twelve Acre Farm.

Aurora had hoped to have energised the site by now but have been delayed by a number of issues over the past year.

One of these delays is due to waiting for the County Council to grant a licence to allow the grid connection to be laid along the A40. This work is necessary to facilitate the grid connection point at Cuckoo Lane.

Another issue was the technical difficulties with the transformer stations that had previously been delivered to the site. Ordering a replacement was delayed by supply chains, but these new transformer stations have now arrived on site and are being installed.

The site itself is largely built and ready for use. The delays are isolated to the necessary parts that will allow the energisation process, as detailed above.

Aurora Solar Farm has assured us that “addressing these issues are an absolute priority” and that they hope to soon be able to provide “clean renewable power to Eynsham and the wider Oxfordshire area”.

We will share any further updates we receive, as appropriate. Information on the construction activity is available on the Aurora Solar Farm website.



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