Eynsham Parish Council News

Vandalism of public spaces 26 Sep 2022 Residents asked to be vigilant and keep children safe in Eynsham

It was with disappointment that the Parish Council heard from our new Maintenance Operative about vandalism and mess at some of Eynsham’s public spaces and play areas. We know how well-used and generally-enjoyed these areas are, and it’s unpleasant for all to find them in a bad state.

In a concerning turn of events, heavy duty bolt cutters or machinery have been used to cut through swing shackles attached to the cross bar, leaving swings discarded on the ground. Also, for the second time in recent months, human excrement has been purposely left in play areas.

We’re well aware that damage and destruction is done by the minority, perhaps even by people who live outside our parish. We can only warn residents of what is happening and urge everyone to remain vigilant, keeping an eye out for people who are behaving destructively or inappropriately at play areas or in green spaces. We would also encourage parents to check the play areas and equipment before allowing children to use them to ensure they appear safe.

It's disappointing to have to ask residents and parents to be cautious in areas that are provided for the community to enjoy together. The Parish Council will continue to routinely monitor and maintain the play areas as best it can. Please report any concerns to Richard Wilkins, Deputy Clerk (07498 500094) or Katherine Doughty, Clerk (07921 827647).


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