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Great Big Green Week 2022 13 Sep 2022 Our Councillors are getting involved with local events

As the autumn nudges in once again, it’s time for the annual Great Big Green Week, running this year from 24 September to 2 October. This national celebration of climate action is duly marked in Eynsham with lots of activities, some of which our Councillors will be involved with.

Chair Ross Macken is helping out with the Great Big Energy Saver event (Thursday 29 September at St Leonard’s Hall). From 4pm, visitors will view displays, short films and get advice on energy saving and greener transport options (from Cosy Homes, Low Carbon Hub, GreenTEA, First and Last Mile bus services and Eynsham car sharing). From 6pm, Ross will host a discussion between local experts (including climate change/energy academics Dr Scot Wheeler and Dr Sam Hampton) with a mini science demonstration on the future of the energy system and progress so far towards net zero, with Eynsham’s own Zero Carbon Energy Action Plan.

Vice Chair David Knight is a trustee of the Peace Oak Association and will be helping the group run a craft day (Crafting for the Climate!) on Saturday 24 September (12pm-4pm, Peace Oak field off Newlands Street). Attendees will be able to watch experts (and have a go) working with wood, wool and fabric, demonstrating ancient craft techniques (including spinning, hand stitching, pole-lathe turning and carving) to produce beautiful and functional objects from sustainable organic materials.

Cllr David says “as a trustee of the Peace Oak Association charity, it’s an honour to be associated with the management of a small patch of Eynsham in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way and I hope we can inspire more local people to get involved.” His personal passion is reflected collectively at the Parish Council, with its ambition “that all of the new green and blue spaces that will be created as part of the Salt Cross and West Eynsham developments can be managed by and on behalf of the community.”

Cllr Sue Osborne is equally passionate about caring for the environment, or in her words, “doing our best to make our own little pieces of the world as pleasant and clean as they can be.” She is looking forward to learning about water testing on Saturday 24 September at 2pm until 4pm (as part of the Bugs in Brooks Survey – meet at Long Mead barn).   

Sue hopes to learn how to test water quality and how to interpret the data, as well as which equipment to use and who the relevant data-collector/s might be. She says, “I’ve been horrified by the reports of water companies pouring sewage into our rivers and watercourses, seemingly without recourse. Instead of despairing, I'd rather try to make a difference.”

Finally, Cllr Milly Chen is our Parish Council representative on GreenTEA, where she is also their food lead. The latter role will see her using the Great Big Green Week to promote a wholesome, plant-based diet, which she explains is “great for the environment, but also great for human health too”.  

Milly is preparing some information to be shared as part of the GreenTEA display at St Leonard’s Hall on Thursday 29 September (from 4pm). She will also be on hand to chat to anyone interested in finding out how switching to a plant-based diet could be achieved and why it is good for the environment.

These are just a few of the many events that will be happening during the Great Big Green Week in Eynsham. We hope many of our residents will be able to get involved, whether to learn a new skill, engage in a critical issue or gain some insight on how we can all do our bit to preserve and protect our planet. The full programme of events happening is available to view via Eynsham Online.  


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