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Can you park elsewhere on 9-10 June? 8 Jun 2022 The District Council is planning to undertake some highway and footpath sweeping in Eynsham and requires access.

The Parish Council recently asked West Oxfordshire District Council to undertake some sweeping of the roads and footpaths in Eynsham. We have just been advised that the sweeping will take place over the next few days. It has been requested that people who normally park on the roads in question could park their cars elsewhere to allow better access for the sweepers.

Tomorrow, Thursday 9 June, a small road sweeper will be clearing Back Lane, Back Lane car park/Conduit Lane and Wasties Lane. On Friday 10 June, a larger road sweeper will be clearing Witney Road, Mill Street, Spareacre Lane and Thornbury Road. If you normally park on these roads and have an alternative place for your car during the day, we would appreciate you doing so. This will help the cleaners to do a more thorough job.

We would encourage residents to contact us – with photographic evidence if possible – of other Eynsham roads that they think would benefit from sweeping and we will arrange for another session at a later date. These suggestions can be sent to our Clerk at epc.clerk@eynsham-pc.gov.uk

Thank you for your help.



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