Eynsham Parish Council News

Fishponds planting for Rebecca 16 Feb 2022 An area of meadow around the Fishponds has been planted in remembrance of Rebecca Tibbetts

On Saturday 12th February, a section of the meadow at Eynsham Fishponds was planted with trees and shrubs by the family and friends of Rebecca Tibbetts, in her memory.

Rebecca – who worked for Natural England for over 20 years –passed away from cancer last year. She had grown up in the local area: her family lived in Chatterholt on the Cassington Road and will be remembered by older members of the community.

The group of planters transformed an underdeveloped area of the meadow with three trees and a variety of shrubs, all native species, to memorialise and celebrate Rebecca. Her family believe it would have made her happy to see that her passion for nature continues in an area she enjoyed walking around with her husband Richard and their dogs.


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