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Our response to W.Eynsham Masterplan 20 Jan 2022 Joint response from the Parish Council and EPIC/ GreenTEA on the draft West Eynsham Masterplan

The West Eynsham Masterplan - which details the development of a 87 hectare area of land to the west of the village - is currently in the consultation phase.

Eynsham Parish Council, members of EPIC/ GreenTEA and County and District Councillors recently met with the developers to discuss the Masterplan and highlight some of our ongoing concerns. We have detailed our position in a joint letter, which has now been sent to the developers (Curtin & Co). You can access a copy of this letter via a link at the bottom of the web page. 

The West Eynsham Strategic Development Area is one of the major development projects planned for our patch over the coming years. We are working hard to ensure this development is sensitive to the needs of our community and that developers are making sufficient effort to protect and preserve our biodiversity.  

We have also raised logistical concerns, such as requesting that construction traffic does not have access to the site via residential roads, and asked for clarity around exactly how many houses are planned to be built in each phase of the process. 

You can read more information about the West Eynsham Masterplan on the developer's website and our letter to the devlopers is below. We will continue to update you here as this process continues.    


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