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Get your business ready for tourists 7 Jan 2022 Cotswold Tourism invites local businesses and groups to register for 2022 visitors

As Eynsham is situated within the Cotswolds and close to Oxford – two major tourist attractions – our local businesses and events can always expect holidaymakers during the year. Now that travel restrictions are easing and major events like the Commonwealth Games are on the calendar, we can expect more foreign tourists in addition to UK travellers during 2022. Cotswold Tourism is providing a few useful resources to ensure you’re ready to greet them.  

The Cotswold Tourism website details upcoming events across the area; local groups or businesses are being encouraged to register these online, six months in advance if possible. Major events can be submitted on the website while smaller events can be shared by tagging Cotswold Tourism on social media via @cotswoldsinfo or @OxCots.

There is also a list of ‘What’s new for 2022/23’ being compiled, which is available on the website and also used by Visit Britain to attract tourists. If you have anything to share about refurbishments, new openings or new events in Eynsham, these can be sent via email to cotswoldstourism@cotswold.gov.uk with an image.

Finally, Cotswold Tourism is conscious of the pressure on local business to consider sustainability in their operations, and that this can be a challenge. To understand how people are feeling about it – and where the areas of difficulty may lie – they are running a short survey and would value your input. The survey can be accessed via the website and should only take about 10 minutes to complete.   


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