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Electric car charging in Eynsham 14 Dec 2021 Read the latest on the e-vehicle charge points and how you can be involved in a trial.

We’ve had an update from Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) on the progress of e-vehicle charging points in Eynsham, along with some exciting news about trials that residents can get involved with.

Unfortunately, there have been some slight delays with the installation of the new ‘Park and Charge’ points in Eynsham’s Back Lane car park. This means the chargers won’t be available for use until January. The good news is that the fences will be moved to allow the parking bays to be used during the Christmas period, before the chargers become usable in the new year.

For those with an electric vehicle – or plans to have bought one by February 2022 – OCC is offering an opportunity to take part in a trial as part of the DoorSTEP project. OCC is a partner in this project, which is exploring an innovative solution for people who want an e-vehicle and are happy to use their own energy supply to charge it, but lack off-street parking or a driveway.

The project will provide participants with an AON e-vehicle charger (embedded into the pavement outside the house) and a Trojan ‘lance’ to connect it with the car. The charger can be shared with neighbours too, and the trial will last for a number of months from February.

The deadline to apply for the trial is Thursday 16 December. More details on the trial can be found on the Trojan Energy website, where you can also apply. 


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