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Return of Eynsham Repair Cafe! 9 Jul 2021 We are looking forward to holding a repair cafe event on 24 July!

Since we started in late 2019, the Eynsham Repair Café managed to hold 4 events before the coronavirus restrictions stopped play.

Now the restrictions will be lifted we are looking forward to holding another event, where people with things to fix can meet with people who like fixing and making things usable again.

We were hoping to hold an event in early July but alas we needed to cancel that, as restrictions hadn't been fully lifted. Now that restrictions will be lifted on 19th of July, we will be holding another event on 24 July!

At this event we can offer the following repairs and advice: electrical, sewing/fabric, upholstery, bikes, and mechanical.

Please get in touch if you'd like us to let you know directly when the next event is happening, via [email protected]

We will also be taking part in the Eynsham Great Big Green Week in September. Reusing things and fixing them, reduces the amount of waste going to landfill and new things made: both of which reduce the pressure on the Earth’s resources.

If you are interested in volunteering for the repair cafe, please do also get in touch! We're always interested to hear from people who like to make things happen and / or have skills at fixing things.

What's a Repair Cafe?

A repair cafe is a community pop-up event, with the ethos of being a good neighbour. Small items can be fixed, from sewing on a button to repairing a broken toaster. We are not a repair service or shop, but volunteers who like fixing and getting the most out of things. We enjoy fixing and repair, not only to keep our repair skills and knowledge alive but also to help others, and keep things out of landfill! We want to help people to use things for longer, thus saving money and reducing waste. With tea and cake!

We cannot guarantee to be able to repair something but we will certainly try and help you out. We don’t charge for repairs but do ask if you can make a small donation to help us cover the costs of putting on the event.


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