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Allotment News 14 Feb 2021 Soggy news from Eynsham Allotments

February news from the allotments. 

Water, water everywhere, a bit of snow, and some pretty serious frost has meant not much doing on the allotments. Quite a number of plots have effectively been flooded.  And even where water is not lying on the surface,  the ground is so saturated that there is a good chance you will lose your wellies if you venture on to  the soil.   Mind you, prior to the rain it was good to see quite a bit of work going on.  It was especially good to see some of the new plot holders beginning to get a grip with their plots.

The mud has of course extended into the allotment car parks and down the access tracks on both fields.  Please try to avoid taking your vehicle to the allotments unless absolutely necessary and certainly not down the tracks.  Chris Potts who looks after the general maintenance of the common areas is currently working to improve the car parks and track with gravel etc.

The continuation of COVID (amongst other reasons no doubt) has meant a continuing high level of applications for plots.  The waiting list is around 25 or 26 and since applications are considered strictly in order of application, sadly it has to be admitted that any new applicant is unlikely to be offered a plot for a very long time.   

We are all looking forward to spring!

Martin Groves (Chair)