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Enjoy Eynsham - Bike racks 13 Jul 2020 Cllr Patricia Crowley provides an overview of bike racks available

Many residents, travelling on foot and by bike, have appreciated the Village Square over recent weeks along with Eynsham’s exceptional essential and non-essential shops.

Just a reminder - you can find bike racks at the following locations around the village.

The Square (6x2), The Co-op (2), Back Lane Car Park (2x2), Village Hall (3x2) Library (4x2), Rainbow House (4x2) and the Spar/Smart’s (2x2).

The racks beside the library are especially good for family groups, cargo bikes and tricycles as there is plenty of space to safely help young children on and off bikes and load shopping.  Good food, drink and ice creams aren’t far from many of the bike parks.

The Parish Council is currently working with West Oxfordshire District Council and Oxfordshire County Council to ensure shopping is as safe and relaxed as possible as more local facilities open after lockdown.  It is anticipated similar temporary measures implemented in Witney and other communities will be replicated in Eynsham such as a 20mph zone, social distancing reminders and restricted vehicle access (with exceptions). Click here for further information.


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