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Salt Collection Morning 11 Dec 2019 Saturday 14 December 9.00am - 12.30pm - Pavilion car park. Free salt available for use on public areas.

“Walking in a Winter Wonderland” - Ian Middleton, Eynsham Parish Council Emergencies Officer.

Snow on Christmas Day!! But if we do see snow this winter, be prepared. (Snow shovels, grit sand, salt and the handy “Snow Guide” from Oxfordshire County Council with lots of great advice on coping with snowy conditions). There is no law against clearing snow outside your house or clearing the pavements and there are no cases of people being sued clearing snow from pavements. It’s good to have that urban myth banished, so if you are fit and able to be a good neighbour, then please offer to clear a neighbours’ path or perhaps as a group tackle something a little more ambitious like a bus stop.

Generally, its best to clear in the morning before people start walking and compacting the snow. Gardens and verges are great for piling up the snow for building that snowman later.  It’s always best to avoid blocking drainage gullies and you can pre-salt your pathways if you know the snow is coming. Otherwise a light salt sprinkling after snow clearance followed by a hot chocolate works best! Salt won’t clear snow or compacted ice and using lots of salt is unnecessary and not good for the environment.  

Shovels, sand and sledges etc are available at Evenlode DIY, for private drives and paths.

If you would like to keep some salt on hand for public areas, then we have some 25kg bags that can be collected from Eynsham Parish Councillors on Saturday 14 December, 9.30-12.30 from the Pavilion car park - they fit nicely into the old black recycling box (lid needed).  

EPC’s snow and ice safety information is available from


The OCC Snow Guide is available from 

For information on gritted roads:  www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/winter-maintenance The S1 route through the village is well served by the gritters.

For live OCC updates follow them on Twitter:  @OxfordshireCC



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