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November News 8 Nov 2019 Fundraising with Santa and where the money goes - Ending Polio and placing defibrillators in the village

Once again Rotary Club of Eynsham members have been planting purple crocus in support of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. So, in addition to the wonderful patch of purple by the toll-bridge roundabout, look out for the new display on the A40.  Purple has been adopted as the campaign colour as vaccinated children are identified by dipping a finger in purple dye. 

This initiative was started in 1988 to rid the world of Polio and it has resulted in the number of cases falling by over 99% from an estimated 350,000 world wide in 1988 to just 33 cases in 2018 in only two countries - Pakistan and Afghanistan.

We have supported this campaign for several years and as the campaign is partnered by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, all our club contributions are doubled by them.

Last month on World Polio Day, 24th October, it was announced that Wild Poliovirus Type 3 has been certified as eradicated worldwide.  This marks another significant step towards the eradication of Polio worldwide.

Our fundraising efforts have continued with a successful Race Night at Eynsham village hall.  An enjoyable and profitable evening and delicious supper was enjoyed by all.

And our next fundraising effort will be the annual tour of Eynsham and local villages by Santa and his Elves. Starting on Monday 9th December - see our events page for further into. 

Santa could really do with help from some extra Elves for his tour.  If you feel like being an Elf and could spare a couple of hours on any of the evenings listed in our Event notice, please get in touch with Chief Elf Paula in the bakery section at the Eynsham Co-Op who will be happy to enthuse and inspire you and initiate you in Elvish ways. Any contribution of your time will be much appreciated.

The money we raise is used for local and international charities.  Locally, we are currently working towards placing further defibrillator units at strategic points around the village.


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