Finance & General Purposes Events

    12 Mar 2024 19:30 - 21:30 at Village Hall

    Finance & General Purposes Committee Agenda 2024-03-12

    1. To receive apologies for absence.

    2. To receive Declarations of Interest in agenda items.

    To receive any disclosable declarations of interest from Members in relation to any items to be considered at the meeting in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct.

    3. Public Participation

    To receive submissions from members of the public for a period of 15 minutes.  Members of the public may make representations on any matters, for no more than 5 minutes each in accordance with Standing Orders para 3. The meeting will adjourn for this item.

    4. Current financial update

    (a) To review income and expenditure for the year to date.

    (b) To recommend any virement or transfer of earmarked reserves.

    5. To consider grant application for Eynsham Village Show of £250, deferred from previous meeting.

    6. To consider and approve an updated Regular Payments List for Direct Debits.

    7. To review the signatories for the CCLA/PSDF accounts for Eynsham Parish Council and agree on actions.

    8. To review the signatories for Unity Trust Bank Accounts and agree on actions.

    9. To review and agree updated Risk Assessment.

    10. To consider an updated Fixed Asset Register and agree actions.

    11. To agree appointment of internal auditor and agree on quotation for 2023/24 financial year.

    12. To agree quotation for a reinstatement valuation for Eynsham Pavilion


    EXCLUSION OF THE PUBLIC AND PRESS: At the conclusion of this part of the agenda, the Chair will move that, considering the confidential nature of the business to be discussed, the public, press and broadcast media be excluded for the remainder of the meeting in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960.

    13. Human Resources

    a) To note completion of the staff appraisals for the Maintenance Operative, Bookings & Accounts Clerk and Caretaker and agree actions.
    b) To resolve to vary the Contracts of Employment and Job Descriptions for the Bookings & Accounts Clerk, Responsible Financial Officer, Caretaker and Maintenance Operative as per the Clerk’s confidential report. [providing cover for each other’s roles]
    c) To consider Responsible Financial Officer undertaking FiLCA training course via SLCC.

    14. Employee Handbook

    a) To consider a new draft Employee Handbook and receive amendments.
    b) To consider and approve supporting employment policies.

    15. Oxfordshire Local Government Pension Scheme

    a) To consider and draft Pension Policy and resolve options.
    b) To note amended contributions rates.

    Event Venue

    Village Hall

    46 Back Lane
    Oxfordshire  OX29 4QW

    T: 0793 583 2702