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5 Apr 2020 10:00 - 10:30 at Eynsham Village

Sunday 5th April, 10.00-10.30am, Great Garden Bird Survey for Eynsham

This will be an amazing opportunity to get a comprehensive picture of the birds that currently live with us in the Village

We all sit in our gardens for half an hour enjoying our birds (or at the window if it is more comfortable), noting what they are and how many they are (and then again, same time same place, until Corvid19 lets us out!). You might want to note the bush or tree that you see them in as this information will inform decisions that you make in the future about changes to your garden.

You need to record your data under the following headings: address, date and time, weather, bird species, bird numbers, comments. It would be useful if you could provide a brief description (or annotated map) of your garden – how big it is, what trees and shrubs you have, what proportion is lawn/flowerbeds/veg patch, if you have stone walls/brick walls/fence, whether you have a pond, bird boxes, a bird table and if so what you feed your birds.


1. Please email your records to Sally Taylor - sallyhula@aol.com (and copy: eynshamnature@gmail.com) with the subject line: Great Garden Bird Survey. If you can’t email your records, keep them safe and we’ll collect them in due course.

2. If you are not certain of a particular bird don’t include it in the count – you can email us a picture (if you can) and we’ll help identify it.

3. If you can’t make Sunday at 10.00am, any half an hour during the week will be fine.

Event Venue

Eynsham Village

centre as shown