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Soma Events

    6 Dec 2019 09:00 - 10:00 at The Music Room

    Clinical Pilates for Contented Minds supports YOUR body, mind and emotional health. Sessions integrate modified (Level 1-5) exercises developed by Joseph Pilates with flowing Yoga body postures, the elasticity of Fascial Fitness and flexibility of Moving Stretch. Imagine softening and lengthening as you simultaneously strengthen and stabilise your body.

    Series are taught as a progression of movement sessions through the academic year incorporating more seasonal functionally active and restful-restorative sessions. Registration is required to attend a series, as is an assessment of your needs. For more information visit www.somaobb.com or call Jane on 07930 343156 for a telephone consultation.

    Event Venue

    The Music Room

    36 Newland Street
    Oxfordshire  OX29 4LA

    T: 0797 152 9242