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Since You Ask ... 17 Jun 2017 (EPIC) Eynsham Planning Improvement Campaign delivers yet another damning response to WODC Draft Local Plan.

Here are the EPIC submissions to the Inspector's latest questions - download the PDFs below.

On the Eynsham-Woodstock Area (West Oxfordshire Garden Village SDA): this is not a ‘Garden Village’; a northern extension to Eynsham is not needed to answer Oxford’s needs; the choice of site was not based on robust evidence and rigorous research; it will severely damage landscape, habitats and biodiversity; and it does not look like the only, or best, option.

On the 5-year supply of deliverable housing land: we question the population projections, the type of housing provision and the reliance on large, strategic sites; we flag up the inadequacy of infrastructure and transport provision; and we highlight the lack of consultation - especially for the Garden Village - asking:

‘... whether such major development decisions, with such an enormous impact locally, were appropriate, feasible or necessary’.


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