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PCSOs to Stay in the Village 21 Feb 2017 (Eynsham Police Office) Supt Kath Lowe responds to recent questions about changes in Thames Valley Police approach to neighbourhood policing.

This message was published via Neighbourhood Alert at 17:15 today - click on the link to read it in full.

Over the last year Thames Valley Police have reviewed the way we respond to and investigate incidents and crime in our communities. We wanted to make sure that our structures and processes are as effective as possible to support how we manage demand and meet the needs of the public ...

“The police base in Eynsham was considered as part of the review and I am pleased to confirm that we will be retaining our Police Community Support Officers in the village. For some months now Police Officers have not been permanently based in Eynsham without any noticeable impact on the community.

“As part of the new structure we are creating new ‘neighbourhood problem solving’ teams to enhance our capability to deal with neighbourhood problems. This will mean a whole team of officers being available to respond to calls for service. These officers are in addition to our emergency response teams who will continue to respond across West Oxon as they do now ...

“I am attending the next Parish Council meeting in March where I will be able to share our plans further.”

Local Covid ResponseGarden Village - have your sayEynsham NewsMaps & Walks