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Long Live the Shirt Race! 8 Jul 2016 (Eynsham Shirt Race) “An excellent turn-out as always” says Chairman Peter Shrimpton

I would like to thank the many people who took part in Saturday's race “an excellent turn-out as always” together with our Lead Marshal and helpers for ensuring the race runs as smooth as possible, the Registration Team, our Starter Upper and Finish Line co-ordinators, together with the landlords of the respective pubs, Eynsham Cellars and Sponsors for their continued support and kind donation of the beer.

I would also like to offer a personal thank you to the other members and helpers of the committee whose assistance and good will make my role a lot easier and finally not forgetting the people of Eynsham and the many visitors who turn up each year to watch our event and enter into the spirit of the day, Long Live The Shirt Race!

Look forward to seeing you all next year. Peter Shrimpton - Chairman, Eynsham Shirt Race


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