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Say it with Flowers 20 Jun 2016 (Eynsham in Bloom) Sandra Jinks reports on presentation of Eynsham In Bloom awards at the Community Day on 18 June

The presentation to winners of Eynsham In Bloom trophies and certificates held at the Community Day on 18 June was conducted by our Judge Stephen Baughan of Aston Pottery.

He began with an introduction explaining how we can all make a difference to our village by working on our gardens, house & business fronts, to improve our urban spaces, which in turn can afford us all so much pleasure and how recent studies have shown that gardening can lengthen your lifespan! As you can see reading the quotation by William Morris (19th century designer & poet) this was a consideration held many years ago.

“I must ask you to extend the word art beyond those matters which are consciously works of art, to take in not only painting and sculpture, and architecture, but the shapes and colours of all household goods, nay even the arrangement of fields for tillage and pasture, the management of towns and of our highways of all kinds; in a word, to extend it to the aspect of all the externals of our life”.

Stephen gave a personalised positive descriptive assessment of each of the winning gardens and this was greatly appreciated by our garden owners.

We in turn conveyed our thanks to Stephen for the time, interest and knowledge he has given to our competition. Thanks also to Ian White for his photography, to Eynsham DIY for engraving and Mille-Fleurs for decorating the trophies, to Lorna Marrison for producing the certificates, plus everyone who helped in making this happen again.

Sandra Jinks - organiser, Eynsham in Bloom Competition


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